Car Tire Anti-skid Snow Chains


Car Tire Anti-skid Snow Chains

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Driving in the snow with annoying slipping? With Car Tire Anti-skid Snow Chains, you can drive safely without difficulty even on harsh terrains or snowfields!

The snow chains help you avoid being stranded in bad weathers/ difficult terrain conditions. With premium anti-skid steel nails, durable alloy lock catch and nylon strap, they provide maximum grip and traction instantly to your tires and prevent road skids or right offs on slippery surfaces. Perfect for sand, mud and snow and any emergency road condition. These chains have adjustable tension straps which snaps easily into place. Install to your tires in a breeze without taking down the tires!


  • Excellent Anti-skid Performance
    Fit securely over tires, providing perfect amount of traction and grip on slippery surfaces. Covered with high hardness alloy nail to prevent slippery.

  • Suitable for Emergency 
    Keep your vehicle away from being stuck in sand, mud and snow!

  • Easy Installation
    Adjustable tension straps make mounting of your snow chains to the tire in a breeze. No need to take down tires.
  • Stable Driving
    Vehicle running without vibration, ensuring a comfortable drive by reducing vibration and noise
  • 360° Protection
    Made of high quality thickened TPU material to ensure durability and longevity. Will not damage the snow chain tire on the road.

  • Fitted for Universal Models
    Can be applied to all the models of the tire width ranging from 165mm – 265mm.
  • Temperature Resistant
    Resistant to low temperature of -50°C. Suitable for snowfield.

    1. Simply place the strap into the buckle.
    2. Tighten it and lock the buckle.
    3. Tie the rest of strap up in case of being caught.

    • Materials: High-tech composite material (TPU), Zinc alloy, Nylon
    • Color: Yellow
    • Style: Double/ Single
    • Applicable models: General (sedan or SUV)
    • Tire Size Range for the tire width: 165 mm – 265 mm
    • Scope of application: Snow, Mud, Climbing, Sand, Ice.


      • 2/4PCS x Car Tire Anti-skid Snow Chains