GrayFixer™ Gray Hair Shampoo


GrayFixer™ Gray Hair Shampoo

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Gray & white hair is always a sign of aging…Now your can return hair back to natural, healthy & rich colors by using GrayFixer!

GrayFixer™ Gray Hair Shampoo cleans, conditions and dyes your hair instantly after washing, giving you natural-looking results in just 3 minutesWith continuous use, it effectively prevents hair loss while stimulating scalp and promoting hair growth within 2 weeks!

Contains natural herbal extracts including mints, ginger and so on to improve the growth of hair folliclesblood circulation of scalp and also bind the hair roots onto the scalp without causing any irritation or allergy

Works on all hair types, even all-white and completely gray hair.


  • Cover White & Gray Hair
    Simply apply a dose of this great instant hair dye shampoo and look as young and vivid as you feel!
  • Promote Hair Growth
    Increase hair thickness up to 50% after 2 weeks with continuous use of GrayFixer. 

  • Stop Hair Loss
    Stimulate the scalp and reduce DHT levels (which may contribute to male pattern hair loss) naturally.
  • Natural & Healthy
    Contain natural herbal extracts including mints, ginger etc. to improve the growth of hair follicles, blood circulation of scalp and also bind the hair roots onto the scalp. Ginger contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which keep scalp healthy and clean.

  • Save Time & Money 
    Forget long and costly visits to hair salons! You can now dye your hair quickly and easily at home by yourself and save a ton of money!
  • Enhance Hair Shine & Vibrancy
    Intensify the look of hair color & preserve brightness of hair color.
  • Suitable for All Hair Types
    From normal 1A to super coily 4C hair.


    1. Apply GrayFixer on your dry hair
    2. Massage for 5-10 minutes until shampoo covers your whole hair. Scalp and rinse well.


    • Net Volume: 32g 
    • 1 bag for short hair ; 2 bags for middle long hair ; 3 bags for long/ thick hair
    • Colors:  Light brown, Chocolate brown, Dark Brown, Red, Brown Black


    • 5 or 10 Packs of GrayFixer™ Gray Hair Shampoo